English version of setParam ver. 3.0-b140204 is now released. Almost all message has translated to English.


setParam is a free tool for configuring oto.ini of UTAU voicebank.

Screenshot of setParam

For example, you can use following functions..
- make oto.ini automatically (CV / VCV)
- view various panels:
  * waveform
  * spectrogram
  * F0(pitch)
  * power
- various play functions:
  * partial play between two parameters
  * pre-utterance check play
  * test synthesis play
- alias batch conversion
- Undo / Redo of operations

Almost all translation is by Mia Naito (@mianaito). I am thankful to him.

Following sentences are a simple manual that is excerpted from README in zip file.

<< Simple Operation Guide >>

[ auto setting parameter ]

You can try to use automatic parameter setting functions. Although these functions are not perfect, they would help you. I hope your operation will become easier by using them.

Auto setting tools are available from 'tool' menu. Or, tools dialog window is shown when you open a wavefile folder.

[ setting parameter by hand ]

Following keys are available on waveform panel.

F1 ... utterance start position. ('left blank' or 'left offset')
F2 ... cross fade length between the wav and preceding wav ('overlap')
F3 ... onset position ('onset' or 'pre-utterance')
F4 ... end of consonant ('consonant')
F5 ... start of amplitude declination ('right blank' or 'right offset')
space ... play sound
control-space ... play sound between 'F1' and 'F5'
F6 or down arrow ... next wav
F7 or up arrow ... previous wav
F8 ... play for checking 'pre-utterance'
F10 ... play synthesized speech
F11 and F12 ... time zoom (horizontal zoom)
control+s ... save oto.ini file

Following mouse operation are available on waveform panel.

parameter name dragging ... shift parameter
wheel down ... move to next or previous wav
shift-wheel ... time scroll (horizontal scroll)
control-wheel ... time zoom (horizontal zoom)
control-shift-wheel ... vertical zoom for waveform, spectol, power, F0

dragging horizontal border ... vertical zoom for waveform, spectol, power, F0
right click ... popup menu

Following mouse operation are available in parameter table

right click ... popup menu
dragging ... select regions for copy, paste and so on

Following keys are available in parameter table

arrow ... move cell
control-c ... copy
control-v ... paste
control-i ... duplicate the row
control-d ... delete the duplicated row
control-s ... save oto.ini file
control-f ... search
control-n ... search next
control-N ... search previous
control-m ... parameter change by rule
shift-space ... play
control-space ... play sound between 'F1' and 'F5'
control-v ... paste

you can change values directly in parameter table.

In fact, setParam has more operation & functions. However, it's difficult to describe all in English for me. So please discover and enjoy various functions.

<< License >>

setParam is destributed under GPL license.
setparam is using Tcl/Tk, snack and SPTK.
Please see Licenses folder to check each licence term.

Btw, English version of OREMO (that is recording software for UTAU voicebank) is also preparing now..